I received an update from Affordable Affiliates which I will post here.  Reports from others also indicate that the funds we put in are working for us all behind the scenes.  I am looking forward to seeing this and how it all comes together and becomes an income generating program that has much promise.

It certainly is an interesting concept on which we can benefit from buys and sells of goods and there is a charitable benefit in it as well. It is free to join and check out.



The Latest News

Here is the report:

“Good Morning “Me” ,
Let me inform you that we are making successful progress each and every day whether we experience some technical issues or not. We have increased staff and are hiring more frequently.

Each department is contributing to our goals. We are caught up on data entry lists for the first automated inventory assignment roll out. We had a few issues with and eventually upgraded our image hosting server. Most image files have been pulled off of all corporate systems and have been transferred to the new server for use in the listing process.

New security features have been added to our site to make it as secure as a Bank website. Also we have upgraded and installed new advanced alarm systems and monitoring on all of our warehouses to protect our products.
James Rivers finished our New Logo and has finished re branding our Twitter Page and created amazing business cards for our staff which samples arrive next week. Now with the Logo finalized James will be creating all of the other variations of promotional material for staff and members use like Banners, Buttons, Letter Heads etc etc.

Ted & Cody are banging away on coding the very intricate requests I put upon them for our assignment of acquisitions process. I have put pressure on them to create a dual process that assigns to members accounts.. 1st process fills accounts in order of position and the second wraps around the whole membership so everyone experiences activity quickly.

We know this process has taken longer than we would like but it is taking its natural course of development. Time lines are sometimes speculative and estimates but you can rest assured we are doing what we can and will Not stop until we have a quality code to work with.

David is the Head of the Bee Hive I call it and is doing a great job at controlling 11 staff’s tasks among training and hiring additional people. Dwane has managed to set up several incredibly overloaded showrooms for customer and Member convenience.

We normally operate in a more warehoused environment but need to show you all what massive retail facilities loaded with everything you can possibly imagine look like. We are at the stage now to Welcome all members to visit us Live at our premises to enjoy and verify what we do. I welcome you ALL!

PS.. I will certainly poke my nose in here more often as I am very pleased at where we are and what we Can accomplish. I thank Each and Every last one of you for your Support and Patience while we create this Giving Monster.

Be Well..

Kind Regards,
Chris Bell – President/CEO
Affordable Affiliates Network
P.S.  You can come and visit us anytime Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Feel free to bring in resumes for the following positions too.  Data Entry, Warehouse Workers, Delivery Drivers.
Our address is 5728 – 175 St Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada.
We are expecting a great surge on relaunch will need to hire personnel in all areas of our business.

Eco Friendly – Sustainable(Compounding) Residual Income for Global Members & Charities”

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