Twentyx20  has gone dormant and are saying changes are coming. What is coming?   I do not know. 

Slow down in funds coming in obviously is the cause of this issue.  Can they recover from this?  That the big question. Wait and see, for now.

I guess most have hit and run without supporting the program.  That is very common these days.      



News update 04/07/14 – System upgrade from 04/07 to 04/15, resume around 04/16/14


We had a rock solid 26 days performance has proven the success of our system. A program that all of you are very pleased with it. Unfortunately, the extreme low growth has caused our funding too short to keep up with our pay out processing. We are going to improve and upgrade our system to better match our growth rate. Please be patient! Do not submit support tickets during the upgrade period.

  • Our site will be open during the system upgrade period.
  • New members can still sign up. For promoters, you can continue to promote.
  • No cycling, purchase, repurchase, or withdraw during the system upgrade period.
  • During the upgrading period, some info may not be displayed.
  • Please do not submit support tickets during the upgrade period.

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