Note ADDED…I have decided NOT to upgrade here and I am sticking with JSS Tripler for now.

Too many issues with that site for my liking so I am not going to upgrade in the copy cat site.

I have no idea if it will succeed, like many others we do not know this ahead of time, or how long they will last.



Tripler2 is brand new and launching now.  It is a soft launch so they are just taking signups at the start.  *Tripler2 even has jsstripler2 as part of the domain.

Tripler2 pays 2% a day for 75 days that is the common denominator for comparison purposes. 

The second stage will allow for upgrading. 

NOTE: You will want to want to upgrade to at least level 1 ($10 subscription) prior to making a purchase a DP, Dream Position, as that is more beneficial for you to do and gets you into the 2×2 matrix which pays out $60.  Tripler2 also level 2 optional upgrade which costs $15.

Dream Positions cost $10 each.


It is best to Join Tripler2 Here Now and get positioned into the system. *It is roughly modeled after JSS The Tripler but it is not affiliated with it in any fashion.  In JSS the top earner is now over $158,000 so this can be a lucrative type of program so there is good potential for it.  Remember as in all things on the net, nothing is guaranteed. 

We are in no way connected to justbeenpaid, Frederick Mann, Carl Pearson, or any other people connected to that program and/or persons.

There will be a forum where members have the opportunity to earn Points and exchange them for $10 Dream Positions.

Here is a visual of the Tripler2 program. Just remember to upgrade, when available,  first before buying that dream position. 


Sponsoring is not necessary to earn the 2% daily for 75 days.

In the main program, we pay 10% of all Dream position sales from your direct referrals, and 5% from ‘their referral’ DP sales.

We also pay the same rates for purchases of standalone Dream Matrix positions. (non-DP produced matrices).

The payment processor is Alert Pay and it looks like they will be adding Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay and Perfect Money later on. 

Is Tripler2 a Ponzi?

According to the Tripler2 website, it is not a ponzi scheme. They have plans to develop multiple streams of income to support their program.  See the site for more details for the multiple streams of income in Tripler2 and the explanation of outside income to differentiate Tripler2 from the usual ponzi schemes.They even go so far as saying the software system can be considered an Infinity Machine.  

As in any program you should review all the Tripler2 site, FAQs, various links such as strategies, income streams and policies, to see what it is all about and keep yourself informed.  You can do this after joining for free and then you decide what you wish to do with it.  

Anyway, Tripler2 looks like it could be a good one for us.

#1 for me is still ZeekRewards of course.  Still it is important to keep some options open to earn additional income.



Here is a bit more about the Dream Position:


Q: What is a ‘Dream Position’?

A: This is a $10 advertising unit that pays you 2% daily up to 150%. Once it reaches $15 (75 days), it

expires. We use part of the revenue from these units to pay for many different things that are all

designed to make the program last for a lifetime. Free members and level 1 members will have to do a small amount of ad surfing per withdrawal (TBC) to help us cover payouts. level 2 VIP members will be exempt from ad surfing.

Q: So how many ads do I have to surf, and isn’t this a bit of a catch?

A: We do not know that as of the time of writing this FAQ, but we can not see it being more than 10 X 30 second ads, but we will inform closer to the time of implementation.

No… This is not a catch….Paying 2% daily and up to $60 as well as referral commissions, puts a financial stress on the ability to cover your profits. This is where ALL other programs fail and thus die off. We have engineered a fantastic sustainability concept we call the ‘Infinity Plan’. The ad surf is merely one single element of a very complex group of profit making strategies that will GUARANTEE that you WILL GET PAID.




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