Dollar Monsters Mash No Response

Had a couple people tell me they signed up for Dollar Monsters but they did not fall under me.  Something wrong with that.  So likely will give them a pass which in this case means fail.

On mmg forum it was stated the Admin was Kia who ran programs like this in the past.  I hope they were better set up and working, because this program is not.   

Why throw money at something that is prone to errors like this and support does not answer?  Could be poor script or admin siphoning off the referrals.

Still getting the odd signup in Latium. They really need to make it clear that just signing up does not get you the free 5 Latium. See my previous posts about that and how to make sure you get them. 

Update Dollar Monsters and Latium

Just a quick update on Dollar Monsters and Latium

From what I have read this is not the old dollarmonster programs.   I still consider the site a bit cheesy.  One person told me they joined but did not show up in my downline. 

I used the contact support on the site as well as the email it showed.  No response and today I sent one to DollarMonsters Admin So will see if that gets a response.

Perhaps they are on overwhelm over there or just do not care. In any case lack of support is a big issue with any program.  Does  not mean they will not pay but it does give you an idea of what to expect from them.

I have had more join me in Latium.  Just a reminder, if you do not follow up by placing an address to get paid within 24 hours you may be out of luck.  For sure they do not credit me with the referral funds.  Most have not completed the task.  See the previous post for complete instructions. 

So follow through if you want to pick up the free Latium coins. Add the address if you have not and contact support to see if they will give you the funds, or sign up again with a new address perhaps?  

DollarMonsters Update

DollarMonsters latest update has been received. in pre-lunch building phase extended until July 17, 2014 12:00 pm (est).

Hello Dollar Monsters,
Okay, here goes!
DollarMonsters is getting some new features before the launch.
As you know we are launching on the 17th of this month.
I\’ve had many members ask for certain features which put a crick in my neck LOL, just kidding :-).
So… I contacted one of the best programmers in network marketing history to take a look at my script.
Not only is he fixing it up right now as we speak, but he\’s adding so many new features to DollarMonsters I warned you that it would have you so very happy and ready to tell all of your friends.
Take a look at what is being changed!
1. Same look – new features.
2. Payment processors – SolidTrustPay – PayPal – Payza – Paytoo – Bitcoin!
3. Secondary password feature
3. Flex line features – Several lines starting from $1 up to $100. Auto reinvest feature will pay commissions to the referrer each time the reinvestment is reinforced.
4. Add testimonials section.
5. Add Skype ID and more.
6. Leader board.
7. Banner slide show.
and much more!!!
So what will happen over the next few days?

Over the next few days, you will experience some changes which will include a database change. This will happen the day before launch on the 16th of this month.


All of your info will be switched over including your referrals as if nothing ever changed.

The only thing you will have to endure is the registration closing down for 24 hours the day before launch on July 16th so my programmer can move all of your data to the new and improved script.

Don\’t you just love my newsletters letting you know everything that\’s going on with DollarMonsters?

I can ensure you that we will continue to grow and add new stuff.

Do you want to help us grow?

here\’s how you can help…
Place one of our banners on your website.
Place your DM affiliate link in all your forum and email signatures.
Bring in your family members and loan them a dollar.
Website owners partner with us, got something to offer or have an idea?

Contact me at


Join our Facebook group: Get special offers, win prizes, and get first updates!


Join our Moneymakers forum:

Visit the risk free money vault: get a free dollar or more to start!

Tip: Visit front page, and click on our social share bar.
(Click Facebook and Google +1 – add your affiliate link) it will go viral!
Thank you very much for reading,
DM Admin


Paypal?  That is plain stupid.

Dollar Monsters Pre-Launch

Hey, I do not do many of these, especially these days but going to put my buck into it.  So Dollar Monsters we are!  Smile

DOLLAR MONSTERS – Double Your Dollar in 2 to 4 Days!!

Lines will be open for purchase – Thursday: July 17, 2014.
Please build your downline at this time to earn referral commissions.

=> Minimum $1 Deposit
=> No Referring Needed to Cycle!
=> Double Your Money in 2 to 4 Days!
=> 50% Auto Reinvest Feature!
=> Will Show You Where to Get $1.00 Free!

=> Automated Classifieds Craigslist ad Poster!
=> Banner Advertising – Members Forum – Website reviews!
=> Quick Payouts with Multiple processors!
=> Earn $1 Every time Your Referrals Cycle!
=> Referral $1 Money paid directly to your account.
ACCEPTS: Solidtrustpay and Payza

Dollar Monsters

Dollar Monsters in pre-lunch building phase extended until July 17, 2014 12:00 pm (est).

Latium News Update

I am still waiting on payment from Latium to my Bittrex account where I set up a payment address for Latium coin.  4 people joined but only two completed the whole process and will not get paid until they do so.   You will also need to request payment in the Latium back office once you have added the payment address.

Note:  See below, payment has been received.

They say you need to do this within 24 hours or your bonus will be forfeited. So add the payment address right away.

It takes a couple of days to get paid once you request it, so I will update on that when that happens. 

So far I have found the folks at Latium to be responsive to my questions. 

See the previous post for complete instructions on how to claim 5 Free Latium coin.

How much is one Latium coin worth. I checked on one site and this is showing, so this is much more than many of the coins being bandied around. 

$ 0.456887

Looking at this again, the price is closer to .155 so not as much as previously reported.  Also they have transferred 10 Latium to my account. 

Bitcoin Alternatives, Free 5 Latium Coins

I was told this was worth about 5 bucks already.  I joined and received 5 Latium coins already showing in my Latium account.  

In less than one minute, you can have your 5 FREE Latium. We only require your Name and Email address to complete the signup. Once you’ve registered, your Latium is yours to do with as you choose.

Our referral system makes it easy to earn more Latium. Get paid for referrals up to 100 tiers deep.

You can purchase Latium on an exchange or from an existing Latium user. If you don’t see LAT on your favorite exchange, please request that it be added.



You will need a wallet and address to get paid to.  I suggest going to Bittrex.Com and getting one.

After joining Latium go to Bittrex.Com

1. Register and log in after your email is confirmed. I suggest using gmail for most of these accounts.

2. Go to Wallets

3. If you do not see LATIUM or latium, do a search for it then click on latium and create wallet.

4. Go back to your Latium account and add the wallet address you have created.  Profile, then payment details and latium.

5. Insert the latium id.

Okay, you should be good to go. Not sure yet how to convert the coin to bitcoin or other.  I would have used Cryptsy for this but they do not show latium there yet.  I imagine it may get added later on.

6. Introduce this to your friends if they are open to this kind of thing and want some free coin.

7. Enjoy your day.

Peace and Namaste




Posted over at the magic site:

We do recommend that members here register at
and encourage your downline in ismAI, ismM and RAF to do the same so that you keep up to date once ismMagic is closed

Also you can go to and Like the page there.


Not much else to say, but if you want to follow what is happening, there you go.  Smile

Posting this in income generating programs section. But of course it is not really generating any positive results these days.

Bitbillions Special Offer for Co-Founders

Bitbillions is free to join but upgrading is suggested to earn in the income streams. Once the final co-founder positions are gone, they are gone. 

Checking the Bitbillions back office I see several notices, this is one of them:

Only 1,943 Co-Founder Upgrades Remaining!


They are also making a special offer, see below:

Extremely Limited Special Offer

We set aside a very limited number of Co-Founder upgrades to offer our members an amazing discount. There are not many available at this special price, so you better hurry and grab them while you can. First come, first served. We will not say how many are available. So, if you snooze, you will possibly lose. Today, it costs 0.1106 BTC to upgrade one account to Co-Founder status. However, if you hurry and jump on this opportunity you can…

Upgrade 2 accounts to Co-Founder Status for only 0.1579 BTC !!!

$108.00 if paying by PayPal.

Long term prospects Estimated

$ 217,749.68 (Estimated Future Co-Founder Account Value)

GBBG projects a long-term revenue strategy of $35 per month, per active member. This revenue will come from Premier membership upgrades, premium advertising sales, GBBG|ware projects, outside product sales, and many other sources. Because Co-Founder members have a fixed position near the very top of the Matrix, we predict a Co-Founder could generate $ 72,583.23 USD per year worth of Bitcoins, IF they achieve ALL of the following:

  • Entirely filled Matrix genealogy
  • At least 50% active members in down-line
  • 100 personally sponsored referrals
  • Maximum points each month

It is common in many situations for a buyer of a business to pay 3 years revenue for the business. Therefore, IF a person achieved all of the criteria above, AND our organization were able to achieve revenue of $35 per month, per active member, a person could generate $ 72,583.23 USD per year worth of Bitcoins. Therefore, if common business buyer trends hold true, they could be able to sell this business to a potential buyer for around $ 217,749.68 USD.

The GBBG|market will be open after the launch of the Matrix. This will be a place where members can buy and sell Founder and Co-Founder accounts. You may create as many accounts as you wish. You may also upgrade as many of them to Co-Founder as you wish, as long as there are available upgrades remaining. Many people are strategically building multiple Co-Founder accounts for the purpose of selling them in the GBBG|market in the future. How much profit will YOU make from your multiple Co-Founder accounts?

Only 1,943 Co-Founder Upgrades Remaining

ISM Income, Rican, News

Here is the latest news for ISM, Rican et al. Interesting developments.  Long delays, someone got tired of waiting perhaps.  This was posted on the their news site.  Sounds a bit serious does it not?


Richard Cannon Charged with Fraud
written by Russell ISMmagic, June 10, 2014

It is with regret that I have to announce the following
Richard Cannon CEO of the Rican Group has been charged under English law with
Fraud by abuse of position under Section 2 Fraud Act and
Fraud by false representation under Section 4 Fraud Act.
He is currently in police custody.
I understand the preliminary hearing will take place at Bristol Crown Court on 1st July.
If you wish to comment to the police on this please do so at
For legal reasons I am unable to make any futher comment or enter into discussion.

VirtaPay Conversion to Alternative Currency, Crypto-Currency

VirtaPay News:

There was an update today from VirtaPay. I will post that below.

Hurry up and wait to see what will happen with this. 

Crypto-currency Wallet Nearly Ready

We have some good news to share! The development team which has been working on our new crypto-currency has nearly completed preparation of the wallet software. Once the wallet is ready, we will begin the process of transferring balances from VirtaPay into the new crypto-currency.

Important Changes Coming Soon

The balance transfer process will require that we make some big changes to the VirtaPay website. Here are a few of the most important upcoming changes that you should be aware of…

  1. All transactions will be frozen before we begin to transfer balances. There are over 2 million accounts to transfer. So, this could take a considerable amount of time. This may take a couple of days, or more than a week. We simply have no way of knowing how long the process will take.
  2. All new sign-ups will be halted before the transfer begins. Shortly after the transfer is complete, anyone may download a free wallet to hold our new crypto-currency.
  3. The API will be disabled before the transfer begins. It will never be re-enabled. After the transfer is complete, anyone is free to create their own API, just like with Bitcoin.

These changes will happen within the coming days. Again, we are not sure how long the transfer process will take.

After the Transfer is Complete

When the transfer is complete, here is what to expect.

  • This will probably not be a “one-to-one” conversion. Important: You may end up with more or less of the new crypto-currency than your existing VirtaPay balance shows. However, your balance will still be proportional to the balances of all existing VirtaPay users. If your balance shows 1/2 of what you had, then all VirtaPay users will show 1/2 of what they had. This does not change the underlying value, it will be exactly like a stock split or reverse stock split. This must be done in order to fit the existing balances into the amount of new crypto-currency which has been created.
  • You will get access to your new crypto-currency balance through a private key which will be found in your VirtaPay login area. Again, this will only be available once the transfer is complete. We will post it to the blog when this is ready.

That’s all we have for now. We will post more updates as more information becomes available. Thanks!

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