Twentyx20 Changes in the Wind

Twentyx20  has gone dormant and are saying changes are coming. What is coming?   I do not know. 

Slow down in funds coming in obviously is the cause of this issue.  Can they recover from this?  That the big question. Wait and see, for now.

I guess most have hit and run without supporting the program.  That is very common these days.      



News update 04/07/14 – System upgrade from 04/07 to 04/15, resume around 04/16/14


We had a rock solid 26 days performance has proven the success of our system. A program that all of you are very pleased with it. Unfortunately, the extreme low growth has caused our funding too short to keep up with our pay out processing. We are going to improve and upgrade our system to better match our growth rate. Please be patient! Do not submit support tickets during the upgrade period.

  • Our site will be open during the system upgrade period.
  • New members can still sign up. For promoters, you can continue to promote.
  • No cycling, purchase, repurchase, or withdraw during the system upgrade period.
  • During the upgrading period, some info may not be displayed.
  • Please do not submit support tickets during the upgrade period.

Tueps and Twentyx20 Update

Changes are coming to Tueps. Tueps has been running for quite some time.  It has a bit of an odd income structure but they have been paying on time.

The major change being instituted is reducing the units to a minimum of $5 and likewise the withdrawal amounts.  Site is being worked on but they say you can still withdraw in the meantime. Smaller amounts can build up more confidence and yes they require testimonials as does Twentyx20.  But that is a small price to pay to get paid.

I wrapped my head around Twentyx20 better than Tueps for some reason although they appear to be kins. Good to have a few programs paying for a change.  Smile



Twenyx20 Is Paying

Just wanted to confirm this and took a withdrawal yesterday and it was paid within hours.  So tested it out nicely and know of others who have successfully tested this out on Twentyx20.  Good stuff.  

Twentyx20 has been growing in membership daily.   Slow and steady is a good sign IMO, usually it is trouble if everyone joins day one and does not continue to support a program.  So I am hopeful on this one.


Roboform can help you with your passwords, free to try them out.

Twentyx20 Update

Well strangely enough, my update finally posted yesterday. Not sure what was going on with Bluehost. So here goes another post, fingers and toes crossed.  Smile

Twentyx20 is going well so far.  Income is being posted daily.  I see another notice in the back office:

03/14/14 – 03/14/14 – Join, buy and get paid in ONE day; Mandatory testimonials;

If you buy up to 10 positions today, your positions will cycle and earn you $5. You can make a withdraw right away. Before you make a withdraw, please make a small effort to submit a testimonial.

Starting today, submitting a testimonial is mandatory. Your small effort will greatly help our growth and your success with us.

Ok, not sure what I will say but will have to do that before withdrawing.  So far I can deposit $10 daily for two units of $5 each. Another note:

03/13/14 – 03/13/14 – Highly recommend you to withdraw;

Great job everyone and thank you for all your support. If you have a balance of $5 or more, we highly recommend you to make a withdraw.

Then, you can show the paid proof to the people you invited. To share your success with others, please submit your testimonials as well. Your small effort will help our growth and your success with us.

Two units cost $10 plus fees of $0.86 so the cost is $10.86 and matures to pay 200%.

Early in is always best but the official launch is not until the 25th of March and then you will be able to buy more units at once.  If you dare!  lol



Twentyx20 Is Growing Well

Just a quick update on Twentyx20 to say it is still in prelaunch and max is 2 units of $5 per day at the moment.  That will increase over time.

Testing the posting system on the blog as it has been a challenge of late.


Twentyx20 in Prelaunch Limited Spending and Funding Now

Twentyx20 is in prelaunch but you can fund it and try it out.  $5 a position.
- There is a pre-launch special going on now where you’ll earn in 18 days instead of 20. Details are in the News in your member area.
Members who join now will earn 200%-18days then 200%-20days

A long term power earning system is finally here. Regardless of when you join, you will earn by our simple power pay plan. If you are a paid member, your positions will earn back 200%, 180%, 160% and 140% according to the date that your purchases or repurchases were made. Each position cost $5.

You can purchase via SolidTrustPay. If you are a paid member, you can post your text ad in our member area. Your text ad will be effectively displayed to our members.



During Prelaunch $5 positions will earn for 18
days and mature at 200% or $10.

What’s unique is that for the first 10 days of the
term each $5 position will earn 50 cents each
“daily”. That returns member’s principal.
The remaining 8 days of the term will be paid upon
expiry so that’s another $5 for a total of $10 in 18 days.
Upon actual Launch, the term will be for 20 days with
again… the first 10 days being paid ‘daily’ into member’s
accounts. The remaining 10 days will be paid upon
expiry of the total term.
Making $5 purchase daily, for example, will eventually bring maturing terms on a daily basis ‘after’ the first
term expires or what’s called… compounding.

RWJ Progress Update

RWJ is a great program.  CLICK HERE to gain more information via follow-up.

I suggest taking some time to keep up with the RWJ/Summit77 news.  

Here is the latest post by John (RWJ = Retire With John) MIND BLOWING NEWS!

Reading that you will see why everyone is advised to keep their RWJ accounts funded to cover the $2  a week subscription:

Here is an ebook posted on the social site with loads of information for you, CLICK HERE.

When I was able to do so I upgraded to Platinum which costs $105 a month.  That may seem expensive but check out the benefits of doing so over at Summit77.   I figured I would give it 3 months or so and see how it went. 

I was in profit the first month but it is taking longer now and some have gone inactive.   But you will see the plans above that John is working on getting many people paid into S77 as quickly as possible.

Recently he introduced SWAT.   We can donate $2 a month or more to SWAT by transferring $2 to the user name SWAT inside the RWJ back office.  They really should have a link over there to explain how to donate for that. 

I have donated to that as well as paying for Matrix 8 which cost $80.  I cycled level 1 (received $105), level 2 for which I received $355.  The payment for level 1 covers one month of Platinum. 

$355 covers the upgrade to silver level in S77 plus 3 months worth of Platinum.  If you already upgraded in Platinum you get to keep the funds when you cycle, same as for level 2.   When you cycle level 3 you get $750 to pay for gold in Summit77.  

Check the videos and pdf files on Summit77 website to learn all about it and there is a lot of info on the RWJ social site. 

I did cycle levels 1 and 2 in Matrix 8 and I calculate 3 people to cycle their level 3s before my turn comes up.

My experience in many programs has lead me to upgrade as soon as I could in RWJ and S77.   It certainly is paying off.


So I suggest you keep your account funded for the weeks subs, buying into matrix 8 or Matrix 7 which will eventually pay you into Matrix 8 when you cycle Matrix 7.  

Donate to SWAT.  Why?  All of this will help you cycle through.   Introduce others as there are contests and money to be won each month.

So to recap, this turned out to be not as brief as I wanted but I did want to mention the above so you can make informed decisions to help you succeed with RWJ and S77.  I am very pleased with the progress of RWJ and the attention John is making to help us all succeed. 

Keep reading the social site, information that is provided so you can help others succeed as well.   There is much more that you can learn about this program.   Just takes a bit of time and effort.

NOTE: This is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a team build and does take time.

Wishing you all there very best! 


Highly Addictive Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Someone sent me this so I am passing it along.

Totally free and addictive.  

I know all of you are very good drivers so here is a fun test to see how good your reactions are!

The automobile driving manual says the average driver’s reaction time is .75 seconds or 1 car length for every 10 mph.
Test your average reaction time. Be careful, this can be addictive! You will be surprised at how slow you really are.


Click here >>>: Reaction Test

World Wide Solutions have a special on now.  Check them out.  Smile


ACX Winner!

ACX recently put on a lottery style weekly contest.  I entered at the last moment, cost was $5.  You had to fund from a processor and could not use funds on hand.   Funds on hand at ACX are virtually useless.  Pun intended. 

I was surprised to learn that I had won. Had to go through some hoops and waiting game to collect the winnings by submitting a testimonial.  Not something I would normally do for a program with such a checkered record but I did submit the testimonial and carefully worded it about the past experience. 

Eventually I did get paid half the winnings to a payment processor not of my choosing and half to my account which I had to put back into ad packs.  At least I got some cash out of there finally.  All I usually get is canceled withdrawals.  So I was grateful to receive these funds. 

The back office looks like this now, 9 separate balance which is really 10 and the result of all the shifts and some call shafts over time reducing our funds to a mere pittance of what we had in there:



RoboForm: Learn more...

They have even gone to reducing the pay back for the funds in there.  If you have had funds in there before the shafts you will find that not only will you have substantially reduced balances but they pay you next to nothing on funds bought from those balances. 



Daily Sales Commissions Per Wallet Ad Package: weekday/weekend
$0.20 / $0.10

Daily Sales Commissions Per Promo Package: weekday/weekend
$0.3 / $0.15

Daily Sales Commissions Per Re-Purchased Ad Package: weekday/weekend
$0.1 / $0.05

Daily Sales Commissions Per XpressShift Ad Package: weekday/weekend
$0.05 / $0.025

Daily Sales Commissions Per Traffic Xchange Ad Package: weekday/weekend
$0.05 / $0.025

They gloat about giving preferential treatment to people bringing new money coming in by referring.   Well sorry I won’t do that since those people likely will never get paid.   So not going to do that just to try to collect a few bucks or cents of referral money.

I really like programs that deliver the goods and this one, sadly, does not.

Okay, that is my rant for today.

May good fortune smile upon you today and everyday.  Smile    








VirtaPay Joins BitCoin Craze

On Jan 1, 2014 VirtaPay announced on their blog that they intend upon getting into the Bitcoin field.  This will be their own Crypto currency by the looks of it. Bitcoins just won’t go away it seems and is still making headlines around the globe.  

VirtaPay is free to join, gives daily rewards and builds up to a nice virtual balance.  Who knows perhaps one day it will even pay off. 


Upcoming changes to VirtaPay will allow you to exchange your VirtaPay currency for Bitcoin, and from there, to any national currency. The changes that will make this possible replace our original plans for a VirtaPay debit card. We are very excited about this development — read on to learn more!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, like VirtaPay. Bitcoin launched in early 2009, about 18 months before VirtaPay. Bitcoin is the first virtual currency to achieve widespread acceptance as a form of payment. It has even begun to displace national currencies in countries with unstable economies and currencies.

Bitcoin started as all virtual currencies do… worth nothing. Then it slowly gained value. For almost 2 years, you could buy hundreds or thousands of bit coins for just US$1. But, then, the value of bit coins began to steadily rise…

  • In February 2011, 1 bit coin finally cost US$1.
  • In June 2011, 1 bit coin cost US$10
  • In March 2013, 1 bit coin cost US$50
  • In July 2013, 1 bitcoin cost US$100
  • In November 2013, 1 bitcoin cost US$500

In late November 2013, the price soared past US$1,000 for a single bitcoin!

I recently tweeted about how to get some free Bitcoin, so check my Twitter posts. Like most of the crypto freebies, they do not give out huge sums but can add up over time if you keep at them. See some of the previous posts on the Easy Ways Blog. One such post is about free DevCoin. Cryptsy is a good place to join and store coins. 

Check out Roboform, good and secure password save.  Saves you time and therefore money.   Smile


RoboForm: Learn more...



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