Website Value, Website or Blog for Sale

Hello folks.  Yes it has been awhile as I have been busy offline and many of the past opportunities have bit the dust.  

That does not mean this will stay the same forever. At the moment I am contemplating selling this site.

This website is over 8 years old so that alone has value and over time has had some good traffic coming this way.  If you are interesting, just leave me a reply with your contact details and what interest you may have.

I may be back to amend this post.



Happy Fathers Day and M2E Member News

Happy Fathers Day to all! 

A bit of news about a program going since 2009.  Yes, I know.  zzzzzzzzzzzz.

For those of you who are or were in M2E, they are transforming it into something else and if you paid for certain things, like Ripple shares and such you may be able to get a refund.  Log in and check the news.

As usual, this is something that has not performed and time will tell if it ever will.

All the best,


The End of Magic

This appears to end all and any speculation about Rican, Magic et al.   I noticed this on the site set up for updates on what was happening with the investigation into Rican et al. 

Richard Cannon pleaded guilty to the charges of fraud today. He received a 5 years prison sentence.

With regard to any recovered funds, that are under the effective control of the UK authorities, I recommend that all members work on the basis that they will not receive any payments. Should this situation change we will let you know.

Updated: 06/10/2014 — 19:43


This is really no surprise, is it?  Time to move on if you have not done so already.

Not much going on these days, still lots of programs but nothing really catching my attention at the moment. 


Another one, CrowdFunding has some interest.  Most do not want to promote and are looking for passive things. Free to join but none of the free programs work unless you do something to generate some profits.



Payza Is Now Available in the USA

There have been some changes with Payza.

Payza Services Available in U.S.

Payza is pleased to announce that U.S. ewallet and online payment processing services are now available in the U.S. Current members will be able to use their current accounts to send and receive money online, add and withdraw funds, and take advantage of all of Payza’s features. For U.S. residents without an account, Sign Up is now available again in all states.

Some may have missed that announcement. 

eGift Cards are available for U.S. Payza Members.  This gives more options when making online purchases.

Payza Jumps Into Bitcoins: Buy Bitcoins With Payza

Payza Jumps Into the Bitcoin Craze. 

Just checking into a few things today and noticed that Payza is now into the bitcoin side of the coin. You can buy bitcoins using Payza now. 

Logging in to Payza showed this announcement:

Credit Card Withdrawal*: With this new feature, Payza members can withdraw their money to a Visa Credit or Debit card, instantly! Get your money faster using Credit Card Withdrawal. Visit the Payza blog for step-by-step instructions: “Withdrawal to Credit Card Now Available!”

Withdrawal by Bitcoin*:Everyday, more and more people are learning and getting excited about Bitcoin, the popular digital currency. There are lots of benefits to using Bitcoin for online purchases, but for many people, buying bitcoins can be difficult.Well, Payza just made it a lot easier for our members! With the simple Withdraw by Bitcoin option you can use the money in your Payza account to buy bitcoins in just three easy steps! Find out more on our blog: “Buy Bitcoin with Payza: Introducing Withdrawal by Bitcoin”


Looks like Payza is creeping back into online business, or at least taking the bitcoin plunge. Seems like they took a break for awhile. I do not know if certain countries or states are still unable to transact business or not.

So in effect you can buy bitcoins using your payza balance.  You cannot fund with credit card to buy the bitcoins though.


When you create a Withdrawal by Bitcoin transaction, the price you pay for Bitcoin is Payza’s wholesale price at the time of your request. There is a 2% fee for a Withdrawal by Bitcoin transaction

I see no mention for cashing in the bitcoins.  Still the withdrawal fee seems reasonable.  I do not know the rate they will assign to buying the bitcoin.

Adding this about the rate, I did a mock buy/withdrawal and it came up at the current rate for bitcoin, or very close to it, so that is a good thing, IMO. 

Okay had to change this post a bit as it seems clear that you can buy bitcoins with Payza using this method.  Log in or open a Payza account now.

If you need to, open a Payza account now. 




Bitbillions Special Offer for Co-Founders

Bitbillions is free to join but upgrading is suggested to earn in the income streams. Once the final co-founder positions are gone, they are gone. 

Checking the Bitbillions back office I see several notices, this is one of them:

Only 1,943 Co-Founder Upgrades Remaining!


They are also making a special offer, see below:

Extremely Limited Special Offer

We set aside a very limited number of Co-Founder upgrades to offer our members an amazing discount. There are not many available at this special price, so you better hurry and grab them while you can. First come, first served. We will not say how many are available. So, if you snooze, you will possibly lose. Today, it costs 0.1106 BTC to upgrade one account to Co-Founder status. However, if you hurry and jump on this opportunity you can…

Upgrade 2 accounts to Co-Founder Status for only 0.1579 BTC !!!

$108.00 if paying by PayPal.

Long term prospects Estimated

$ 217,749.68 (Estimated Future Co-Founder Account Value)

GBBG projects a long-term revenue strategy of $35 per month, per active member. This revenue will come from Premier membership upgrades, premium advertising sales, GBBG|ware projects, outside product sales, and many other sources. Because Co-Founder members have a fixed position near the very top of the Matrix, we predict a Co-Founder could generate $ 72,583.23 USD per year worth of Bitcoins, IF they achieve ALL of the following:

  • Entirely filled Matrix genealogy
  • At least 50% active members in down-line
  • 100 personally sponsored referrals
  • Maximum points each month

It is common in many situations for a buyer of a business to pay 3 years revenue for the business. Therefore, IF a person achieved all of the criteria above, AND our organization were able to achieve revenue of $35 per month, per active member, a person could generate $ 72,583.23 USD per year worth of Bitcoins. Therefore, if common business buyer trends hold true, they could be able to sell this business to a potential buyer for around $ 217,749.68 USD.

The GBBG|market will be open after the launch of the Matrix. This will be a place where members can buy and sell Founder and Co-Founder accounts. You may create as many accounts as you wish. You may also upgrade as many of them to Co-Founder as you wish, as long as there are available upgrades remaining. Many people are strategically building multiple Co-Founder accounts for the purpose of selling them in the GBBG|market in the future. How much profit will YOU make from your multiple Co-Founder accounts?

Only 1,943 Co-Founder Upgrades Remaining

Store Your BitCoins and Alternative Coins

Use Cryptsy to store your bitcoins and alternative coins. There are weekly random drawings to win items for a low entry cost. Cryptsy have cryptsy points which have a value also so activity on the site will generate something of value there. Join free and check it out.

See the value of your coins and other coins in Cryptsy. 

The bitcoin value has gone up again from falling to the USD value of near $400.  It fluctuates wildly at times but traded in the 400s for a while but is now around $570 at the time of this post.

This is posted in the back office.


I am in!

Occasionally I get asked what is going on with a program such as bitbillions.  Well they are still going and I have seen a number of folks promoting it again so hopefully it will turn out to be worth something in the end.  They are still selling shares.

Another venture that has been running a long time, free to join also is Virtapay. They have announced they will turn this into an alternative currency also.

Get some free bitcoins here at Freebitcoin. You can play hourly to win free bitcoins.  Yes they are giving them away. 


To see previous posts on EasyWays blog for bitcoins or alternative coins just do a search on the right hand side of the blog putting in one of those phrases.  


Highly Addictive Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Someone sent me this so I am passing it along.

Totally free and addictive.  

I know all of you are very good drivers so here is a fun test to see how good your reactions are!

The automobile driving manual says the average driver’s reaction time is .75 seconds or 1 car length for every 10 mph.
Test your average reaction time. Be careful, this can be addictive! You will be surprised at how slow you really are.


Click here >>>: Reaction Test

DropBox Is Free to Store Your Photos and Files

Winding down 2013 as another year flies by.   Happy New Year to you and yours in case I miss doing that around that day!

I recently joined DropBox which is a great way and free to use for storing files and photos. I can think of multiple uses for it and you can refer your friends and family and get up to 16GB of storage.  Use it as a backup of some of your important files and photos.  

Also you can give people access to a certain file rather than emailing it which is not secure.  So I like this very much.

Looking at doing some updates later on.

Free DevCoin

Yes another alternative coin where you can get some Devcoin for free. 

Here is where you can get the free DevCoins.

The Devcoin Faucet

NOTE: Only do this if you do not have a life, are desperate for pocket change or are boredSmile  I am not kidding!

1) If you do not have a CRYPTSY account, join that first.

2) Join The Devcoin Faucet

If you do not have a devcoin address. 

Join Cryptsy then click on Balances, then scroll down until you come to DevCoin

On the right hand site of DevCoin, click on DVC action

Then click on Deposit/AutoSell.   Here is where you will create a DevCoin address by clicking Generate new deposit address.

Basically this is the same for any of the alternative coins.

Copy the DevCoin address you created then paste it into the DevCoin Faucet site and play the game.  They will give you a special code also.  Make sure you keep a record of the codes, addresses and any passwords you create.  I am not sure you can ever recover them.

You only need to create an address once.

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